BW: GraphOn Provides SoftwareRun with…Software…to Test Drive Linux…Applications

“GraphOn…developers of Bridges(TM) web-enabling software for
UNIX, Linux and Windows, has signed a strategic partnership
agreement with Scandinavian software publishing specialist,
SoftwareRun, to use GraphOn’s server-based software to web-enable
its selection of online Linux and UNIX software demos.
GraphOn’s GO-Joe(TM) (to be integrated into Bridges(TM)
software later this quarter) will allow consumer and business users
to test drive full versions of Linux and UNIX applications from
SoftwareRun’s website using only a web browser, regardless of the
operating systems on their desktop.

“SoftwareRun is an Internet-based service that provides
real-time demonstrations of various applications using a web
browser. GraphOn’s software enables visitors to the web site
(http://www.softwarerun.com) to run demonstrations of a range of
UNIX and Linux software. The service provides users with a valuable
resource for evaluating new UNIX and Linux software applications
quickly and easily in their native form from any desktop device
with access to the Internet.”

“The software at SoftwareRun are full version applications that
can be run simply, using a web browser,” said Krister Strandberg,
SoftwareRun CEO. “Using GraphOn’s technology, visitors can
test-drive server- based UNIX and Linux applications on the World
Wide Web without downloading or installing any software on their
desktop computers. This is particularly attractive to those who are
interested in trying out new Linux applications, but are not yet
ready to install the actual operating system.”

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