BW: Helix Code Introduces First Complete Desktop Application Package For Linux

“GNOME expected to set benchmark for desktop productivity

“Helix Code, Inc. today unveiled a preview version of its Helix
GNOME desktop — a collection of more than 80 industry-leading
software applications designed to meet every need of the Linux

“Helix GNOME, a compilation of the industry-standard GNOME
desktop software, marks the first time a suite of
Windows-alternative software applications has been offered in one
package for Linux users.”

“In accomplishing this, Helix Code Inc., has quickly established
itself as a leader in providing alternatives to the Windows-based
suite of software.”

“‘With Helix GNOME, we’re seeing the most complete suite yet of
open source applications that are ready to challenge closed-source,
Windows(TM)-based application software,’ said Michael Tiemann,
chief technology officer for Red Hat, a leading supplier of the
Linux operating system. ‘This development is a tremendous example
of their vision to create an open source application environment
and assemble a best-of-breed collection of software applications
that the industry needs, and users want.'”

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(Nov 16, 1999)