BW: Hessian Police Chooses Applix to Streamline Operations

“Applix equips more than 14,000 Hessian Police Officers with
its Desktop Productivity Suite Applixware(TM).”

“Applix(R), Inc… announced that the Hessian Police Department
in Wiesbaden, Germany has purchased 7,000 licenses of the modularly
structured Applixware for AIX, the UNIX operating system.

“Selection of Applixware was the result of the Hessians’
evaluation of the product on the Linux platform. They later elected
to deploy the Applixware Suite on their existing IBM AIX
workstations, one of the many UNIX platforms supported by the
Applixware product family. In choosing a platform-independent
productivity solution, the police department reviewed Microsoft(R),
Lotus(R) and Star(R). Applixware was selected based on its
capability to integrate into existing applications such as
Oracle(R), and can be smoothly introduced into the system of the
Hessian police.”

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