BW: Hitachi… Internet Telephony Middleware and Platform for Cable Modems and Residential Gateways

“Hitachi Semiconductor (America) Inc., a worldwide leader in
electronics, announced that voice compression codecs, telephony
software and signaling protocol have been ported to the Hitachi
SuperH(R) SH3-DSP and SH-4 microprocessors, allowing customers to
create a complete Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) solution for
cable modems and residential gateways. With the addition of Media
Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP), Hitachi is offering a VoIP
reference design based on the SH3-DSP microprocessor that will be
used to speed time-to-market and reduce costs for developers of
integrated voice/data access devices.”

“The reference design is based on Hitachi’s SH3-DSP
microprocessor, the SH7729, a single-chip hybrid RISC/DSP
processor. As it reduces system costs and speeds time-to-market in
the form of a ready-to-go solution, the SH7729 processor’s design
makes it an excellent foundation for communications systems that
require low-cost, low-power consumption and robust performance for
a consumer market.”

“Hitachi’s VoIP reference design is currently available
(Hitachi part number US7729VOIPDEV3) and uses Wind River
Systems’ VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS).
support includes Wind River Systems’ Tornado to provide a complete
working development environment for system designers. Other
RTOS support such as Linux
, Accelerated Technology, Inc.’s
Nucleus+ and Microsoft’s Window CE, will be available in the

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