BW: I-Link Delivers Internet Telephony Services to Linux Supporters

“I-Link’s GateLink Open Application Interface Creates Easy
Access to Communications Enhanced Services.”

“I-Link, Inc. (Nasdaq: ILNK) an enhanced voice/data service
provider, today announced support of the Linux operating system.
For the first time, companies that program to the Linux operating
system can now gain access to I-Link’s Internet Protocol (IP)
platform and create customized communications services. Using
GateLink(tm), I-Link’s open-API programming platform for enhanced
Internet Protocol (IP) communications, programmers can develop new
Linux-based applications that run over I-Link’s nationwide IP
Typical development time for enhanced services takes
months. With GateLink, development time for Linux and other
operating systems cuts to just days.

“By adding Linux OS support to GateLink, I-Link is bringing the
power of IP services to any organization without placing
constraints based on existing software or operating systems.”

Press release