BW: IBM and Oracle Collaborate to Advance Project Monterey…

“IBM and Oracle today announced a comprehensive initiative in
support of AIX and Monterey/64(a). As part of this initiative, IBM
and Oracle will offer Oracle Internet Directory within AIX and
Monterey/64 as a directory option
to customers. Furthermore,
Oracle expects to port its database and application
, currently available on AIX, to Monterey/64.”

” ‘Oracle’s support for Monterey/64 is a tremendous step forward
in delivering the industry’s leading enterprise UNIX platform for
Itanium processor-based systems,’ said Doug Michels, SCO’s CEO and

“In addition to the collaboration on Project Monterey, both IBM
and Oracle are demonstrating their commitment to industry standards
for UNIX, including secure directory services through the Directory
Interoperability Forum (DIF), founded in July by IBM, Oracle,
Novell, Data Connection Limited, Lotus Development Corp. and
ISOCOR. The DIF was created to speed development and deployment of
directory-enabled applications that run across different computing
environments. In addition, Oracle is working with IBM on the UNIX
Developers Guide-Programming Interfaces (UDG-PI) guidelines for
systems using the Intel IA-64 microprocessors.”

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