BW: Intergraph DiskAccess 5.0 Available for Immediate Online Purchase

“35 Percent Performance Increase and Features in Newest Version
Boost Mixed Platform Productivity.”

“Improvements and new features in version 5.0 of DiskAccess
include an average increase of 35 percent in write performance,
improved connectivity with Linux NFS servers…”

“Production environments with Linux NFS servers now have an
optimized configuration for Windows clients. When mounting a Linux
resource, DiskAccess 5.0 supports NFS versions 2 and 3 for reliable
connectivity. Windows-to-Linux interoperability is assured with
DiskAccess 5.0 because Intergraph, not a third party, provides
technical support.”

“Part of the Intergraph AccessNFS suite of interoperability
software, DiskAccess 5.0 allows PCs running the Microsoft Windows
NT, 95 and 98 operating systems to access and use resources on
Network File System servers. DiskAccess 5.0 provides efficient
access to directories, files, printers, disks, CD-ROMs, Zip drives
and other network devices. NFS is a standard protocol for sharing
files among multivendor operating systems, including UNIX, IBM
mainframe, Linux and VMS platforms.”

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