BW: Laptops with New ATI Rage Mobility-P Graphics Chips Can Run Linux…

“Xi Graphics, Inc. has announced graphics system software
support for laptops that use the newest graphics chip from ATI.
Besides Linux, the new software also is available for laptops
running Solaris x86 and FreeBSD operating systems The software
support is available free to owners of Xi Graphics’ Version 5 of
Laptop Accelerated-X Display Server for PC laptops and can be
downloaded from their ftp site at ftp.xig.com.”

“Xi Graphics offers support for the latest laptops, including:
Dell Latitude CPT (NeoMagic 256ZX)… Compaq Armada 3500… Dell
Inspiron 3500… Toshiba Satellite 4080XCDT… Toshiba Tecra
8000… Dell Inspiron 7000 (w/ATI Rage LT Pro chipset)

Xi Graphics’ Accelerated-X provides users up to double the
graphics performance or more from the latest laptops by using the
best X server in the industry for Linux and UNIX(R) laptop
… No other X-server currently supports the ATI
Mobility on Linux and UNIX(R).

Accelerated-X provides the ultimate in graphics system software
for Linux and UNIX(R). True hardware overlays, hardware gamma color
correction, monitor color temperature control and TrueType font
rendering are standard features in Accelerated-X that are generally
not found in Linux freeware X servers.

Accelerated-X Version 5 comes in three configurations, desktop
($99.95), laptop ($199.95) and multi-head ($299.00); developer
editions are available. All prices are U.S.”

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