BW: Lionbridge and Corel Enable First Multilingual Linux O.S.

“Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:LIOX), a leading provider
of multilingual Internet services to global technology businesses,
today announced that it has successfully delivered the first
version of Corel Linux for German, French and Dutch. In order to
introduce Corel Linux to the market in a timely manner, Lionbridge
conducted simultaneous localization during the development of the
English product. German, French and Dutch versions are available

“”Europe is at the forefront of the Linux movement, and
Lionbridge is working closely with Corel to take advantage of this
fast-growing market,” said Rory Cowan, CEO of Lionbridge.
“Throughout our relationship with Corel, we have provided a
scalable solution, which allows the addition of new languages or
new products on demand while reaching time-to-market goals.””

“Corel has also decided to migrate the popular WordPerfect
application suite to open source UNIX (OSU) in order to take
advantage of the fast-growing market for OSU and in particular for
Linux users. A recent survey from Survey.com reported that Linux
and other brands of OSU are expected to double their share of the
corporate market in just two years; from nine percent in desktop
applications to more than twenty-two percent; and from eighteen
percent in server applications to more than thirty-two

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