BW: Magic Software Announces Release of Magic for Linux Enterprise Server V.8.3

Magic Software Enterprises…announced today release of
Magic for Linux Enterprise Server v.8.3 for the Linux operating
This newest server version of Magic for Linux, which
runs on the latest commercial distribution of Red Hat,
Inc…enables developers working on other platforms to quickly and
seamlessly port existing e-commerce and other business solutions to
the operating system. Magic plans to begin shipping Magic
Enterprise Server v.8.3, which will be offered initially at a
special price of $2,500, at the beginning of October.”

“Magic Enterprise Server v.8.3 runs natively on the Linux
operating system and supports distributed processing, application
partitioning and Web deployment. Its unique brokering technology
allows for load balancing and parallel processing across multiple
systems. This feature is particularly important for e-commerce
solutions, which often must be scaled up quickly from dozens of
users to tens of thousands or more users. Magic Enterprise Server
v.8.3 runs on Red Hat Linux 6.0, the latest release from Red Hat,
Inc., the market leader in commercial distribution of the Linux
operating system.”

“Magic for Linux Enterprise Server v.8.3 is just the next step
in Magic’s continuing commitment to the Linux operating system,”
said Jack Dunietz, Chief Executive Officer of Magic. “Because Linux
is such a reliable Internet operating system, we expect developers
will take advantage of this offering to port their e-commerce and
other enterprise-level solutions to the platform to enjoy all of
the benefits of a scalable Web-enabled environment.”

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