BW: Navarre Achieves a 33 Percent Share in the Distribution of Linux Software

“Navarre Corporation, a leading distributor of PC software,
music and DVD, announced today that its computer products division
achieved a 33 percent marketshare in the distribution of Linux
related software during the second half of 1999.”

“PC Data, based in Reston, Virginia, is considered the computer
industry’s primary source for software, hardware and video game
sales information. It tracks and reports to over 800 subscriber
firms dealing in both software and hardware which account for 95%
of the total computer industry sales. It’s figures report that
Navarre achieved this 33% marketshare during the months of July
through December 1999.”

“Navarre has previously announced that it distributes Linux
software and related products from Red Hat, Caldera, Suse, Corel,
Cygnus Solutions, MacMillan Publishing, Loki Entertainment Software
and Cybernet Systems Corporation.”

Press release