BW: NVIDIA, SGI and VA Linux to Bring Graphics Standard to Desktop Linux Market

“NVIDIA…SGI…and VA Linux Systems…announced their
collaboration on the industry’s first professional-level OpenGL(R)
graphics sub-system for workstations running Linux.”

“This planned platform would be the first 100% OpenGL
1.2-conformant hardware-accelerated graphics solution to bring
professional workstation graphics standards to the Linux market.
Developers using Linux desktop systems equipped with the new
graphics sub-system will be able to utilize the depth of the OpenGL
graphics application programming interface (API) to create
professional quality 2D and 3D graphics applications. The first
public demonstration of the collaborative effort will be shown
during LinuxWorld, February 2-4, 2000, in New York City.”

The triad’s unique technology will bring to Linux desktops
many of the capabilities typically associated with UNIX(R)
This technology will enable Linux systems to process
rich graphics as fast, or faster, than their Microsoft(R)
Windows(R)-based counterparts. The solution leverages SGI’s
extensive 3D graphics and OpenGL expertise, VA Linux Systems’ 2D
graphics and multi-monitor work and NVIDIA’s proven 3D graphics
hardware and software architectures. The resulting NVIDIA-based
desktops will be the first to provide hardware 3D transform and
lighting, hardware 2D and video acceleration, video overlay,
multi-monitor capability and full native OpenGL conformance under
Linux. The project will give Linux developers the ability to
seamlessly integrate their applications with the industry-leading
OpenGL graphics API. This graphics processing power and
compatibility is a fundamental step in enabling the development of
professional Linux applications such as those for manufacturing,
digital content creation, electronic business, education and

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