BW: OMNIS Technology to Showcase OMNIS Studio 2.4 At COMDEX/Spring 2000

“A key attraction of Omnis Studio is the RAD tool’s ability to
bring multi-platform, data base application and development and
delivery to Linux. In a recent product review of Omnis Studio,
LinuxPlanet.com(TM), an online technology newsletter, gave Omnis
Studio an overall rating of four stars, with a five- star rating
for value (www.linuxplanet.com/linusplant/reviews/1710/1/). “With
Microsoft Access and Visual Basic stuck on Windows and Borland’s
Kylix Linux tool still in the works, Omnis Studio stands out as the
development tool which supports the three major platforms”, the
review stated.”

“Distribution of OMNIS Studio to the Linux development community
is receiving a significant boost through its inclusion in Caldera
Systems’ eDesktop release of OpenLinux. Caldera (NASDAQ:CALD)
currently includes a full evaluation copy of both OMNIS Studio and
Omnis WebClient products in the domestic and international Caldera
eDesktop distribution. The objective is to bring a significant
number of existing OMNIS Studio-developed business applications to
Caldera’s Linux platform as well as to provide the Linux
development community with additional business applications as
these tools are adopted.”

“OMNIS Studio is a high-performance visual Rapid Application
Development (RAD) tool for Linux. It provides a component-based
environment for building GUI interfaces, e-commerce, database and
server applications.
Development and deployment of OMNIS
Studio applications can occur simultaneously in Linux, Windows, and
MacOS environments without changing the application. This
portability is achieved because Omnis utilizes a highly optimized
interpreter engine to execute the object-oriented application at
runtime. OMNIS Studio applications support native data access to
Oracle, Sybase, DB2/UDB, Informix and ODBC-compliant data sources
including MySQL. The Omnis Web Client allows the developer to
create thin client interfaces that utilize forms or a highly secure
plug-in. Using OMNIS Studio can cut application development time by
as much as 75% compared to 3GL environments (C++, Java) while
allowing the developer to use objects developed in 3GL environments
as components in Omnis applications. Support and training
information for OMNIS Studio is available on the Omnis website at

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