BW: Penguin Computing to Support Worldwide Linux Demonstration

Penguin Computing…will lend its support and provide
materials to the first world-wide Linux Demo Day, taking place
September 12th-19th.
Justin Cheung of Penguin Computing
Support and Development will join the Santa Cruz Linux User’s Group
in its world-wide public demonstration supporting the Linux
operating system.”

“Linux Demo Day will be a chance for the global network of Linux
User’s Groups to show the general public firsthand what Linux is
and what it can do. Various LUG’s in locations across the U.S.,
France, Indonesia, Germany, India, Belgium, Austria, Mexico,
Canada, Cyprus, Argentina, Costa Rica, China and other countries
will volunteer their services to offer free demonstrations of the
Linux OS on a local scale.”

“The demonstrations will be hosted in venues as diverse as
school cafeterias, conference and exhibition centers and shopping
malls in the U.S. and is designed to promote Linux at the
grass-roots level. The Linux Demo Day website…has complete
listings of participants and schedules of events.”

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