BW: Sun’s Free StarOffice Suite Surpasses One Million Downloads in Two Months

“Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced today that more than 1,000,000
copies of StarOffice(TM) 5.1 software have been downloaded in the
nine weeks since Sun introduced this product line to the market and
announced the purchase of the privately-held Star Division
Corporation of Fremont, California.”

In addition, over 500,000 copies of this full-featured,
interoperable, multi-platform office productivity suite have been
bundled with a variety of PC, Linux, and other
manufacturers/distributors and over 500,000 promotional copies of
StarOffice software have been circulated worldwide.

“The overwhelming response of the market is a testament to
customer demand for choice and quality in desktop productivity
tools,” said Marco Boerries, vice president and general manager,
Webtop and Application Software, Sun Microsystems. “Sun is changing
the rules for how we work, taking office software into the
‘dot-com’ age and every one of the two million plus users who now
have access to StarOffice 5.1 software will automatically be
portal-ready for the StarPortal(TM) software initiative.”

Press Release