BW: Swiftynet.com’s Rankstreet.com Begins Using the Linux Software Platform

“Rankstreet.com, Inc. this week announced they would be using
the highly touted Linux platform for their software and server

“Rankstreet.com’s ranking software provides data very similar to
sophisticated Wall Street type financial reports and charts. These
charts are similar to those seen in leading publications like the
Wall Street Journal and Investor’s Business Daily. Its format,
look, and feel are similar to the stock financial quote services
that are found on the Internet. Use of the software will be
provided free to users….”

The switch to the Linux platform provides a number of
cutting-edge advantages widely recognized among Internet
professionals. Linux is able to handle high traffic on Web sites.
Linux is more robust and freezes less than other operating systems.
This means less maintenance and decreased downtime for customers.
Security is also higher with greater assurance against
Vladimir Rafalovich, Vice President and co-founder of
Rankstreet.com, is author of “What Is The Internet, WWW, and HTML.”
He is co-author of 11 science and technology articles. Rafalovich
says Linux was born to handle all Internet activity.”

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