BW: Taiwan IT Ready to Ride the Linux Wave

“Recognizing increasing marketplace demands for the open-sourced
Linux operating system, Taiwan’s long-established information
technology (IT) sectors, including the island’s emergent software
industry, are gearing up to support Linux users worldwide.”

“Dozens of Taiwan’s leading technology firms showed off their
Linux-based products at the recent Linux World Expo, which ran from
September 7-9 at the Taipei International Convention Center.”

Already the world’s third largest IT manufacturer, Taiwan’s
aggressive reception of Linux validates the island’s propensity for
early mass adoption of new technologies. Taiwan IT firms showed
similar forethought by embracing the universal serial bus (USB)
system when that was first introduced.

“Hardware on display at Linux World ranged from leading-edge
servers to the latest scaled-down Internet appliances (IAs), the
inexpensive computing devices designed solely for Internet access,
while Taiwan software developers presented an array of Linux
platform solutions.”

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