BW: The Open Source Revolution Becomes Three Dimensional With ReyesWorks.com

“Open source, the innovative software deployment trend, landed
in the 3D arena with the launch at Siggraph 2000 of ReyesWorks.com,
a middleware visual platform by Reyes Infografica.”

400.000 lines of source code comprising cloth simulation,
software agents, nurbs, low bandwidth, organic modeling, voice
recognition driven lip-sync, character animation and a long list of
more than 200 high profile components will be made publicly
available free of charge through infografica’s web site

www.reyes-infografica.com as the basis for an ambitious project of
collaborative development.”

“In the words of Javier Reyes, Vice-President and CTO of the
company, “We want to enhance the visual metaphors deployed by PC
applications through a middleware visual platform, and we strongly
believe open source is the right way to do it. The Open Source
vehicle provides prime quality, development speed and accessibility
to technology.”

Press Release