BW: The Software Group Releases Wanware Linux Enhanced Synchronous Connectivity Subsystems…

“The Software Group Limited announced today that it began
shipping an update to Wanware Linux, the high-speed synchronous
communications subsystem for Linux systems. Wanware Linux
connects computers directly to synchronous leased lines,
integrating seamlessly with TCP/IP networks to integrate WAN
routing with a Linux server.
The Wanware Linux communications
subsystem includes The Software Group’s server-oriented
implementations of X.25, BX.25 and Frame Relay protocols for
communicating with public packet-switched networks. Integration of
synchronous PPP allows direct, high-speed serial connection to
routers with minimal link configuration effort.”

“”This update represents a significant enhancement of our
Wanware product line for Linux market. Installation has been
optimized for popular Linux distributions like Red Hat 6.1 and SuSe
6.0, making it possible for non-Linux specialists to implement WAN
connectivity for a Linux server,” said Derek Vair, President of The
Software Group Limited.”

“Wanware Linux contains Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs)
that allow developers to implement quick and specific solutions to
synchronous connectivity problems. Wanware Linux is used in systems
for carrying voice traffic over Frame Relay links and exchanging
information over radio links using X.25 packet switching protocols.
Wanware Linux can be used for connecting embedded systems to their
hosts, implementing legacy applications and protocols, or to reduce
the cost of deploying Linux systems in a wide-area networking

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