BW: Uniform Device Driver Specification Ready for Implementation

Members of Project UDI today announced the release of the
UDI (Uniform Driver Interface) 1.0 Specification. This
Specification is the culmination of a multi-company development
effort designed to provide device driver portability for existing
and future system configurations.
The Specification is
available in PDF format from http://www.projectudi.org/…”

“By developing to a single device driver interface, companies
can realize significant savings in device driver development and
testing costs. It also helps speed time-to-market of new devices,
and allows manufacturers to allocate development resources on
improving device performance, features, functionality, and

“Open source reference implementations based on these prototypes
are expected to be available later this year, for sample device
drivers as well as environment implementations for a number of
operating systems including IBM’s AIX, HP’s HP-UX, Linux, Compaq’s
Tru64 UNIX, and SCO’s UnixWare.”

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