BW: Vital, Inc. Sees Linux As A Growth Market For Their CRiSP Editor

“For over 8 years Vital, Inc. has been selling the CRiSP Visual
Text editor to programmers around the world for development on Unix
and Windows platforms. As one of a handful of advanced editors
available for both Unix and Windows, Vital has recently seen a
growing interest in the Linux versions of their products. In fact,
evaluation downloads for the Linux version of CRiSP have increased
by more than 100% over the past year and that number continues to
increase as well.”

“It’s actually no surprise that as Linux continues to grow
commercially, developers for Linux have begun searching for more
powerful alternatives to the basic editors included with most Linux
OS’s. Many developers are thus downloading the free evaluation of
CRiSP from Vital’s Web site (www.vital.com) and finding the perfect
fit with CRiSP.”

“CRiSP, unlike many editors, can be used in both graphical and
text modes depending upon the user’s particular needs. Many
users also find it very useful that CRiSP comes complete with built
in selectable keyboard emulation modes for brief, vi, cua,
wordstar, and emacs so that no time is lost learning new
Thus, even new users can be immediately

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