BW: Vixel… Comprehensive SAN Management Software to Deliver Interoperability and Manageability

“SAN InSite 2000 is the first application to support multivendor
SAN devices and the only comprehensive SAN management software that
is interoperable with other vendor components. SAN InSite 2000’s
open architecture enables management of both non-Vixel and Vixel
devices, while seamlessly integrating with enterprise software
management applications. SAN InSite 2000 is the only SAN management
software that will auto-discover, monitor and manage the entire SAN
interconnect, regardless of manufacturer. Through this innovative
product, Vixel has removed barriers to SAN adoption by delivering a
single, centralized and comprehensive SAN management

“SAN InSite 2000 supports all Vixel SAN devices, Agilent, Ancor,
Brocade, Chaparral, Crossroads, Emulex, Gadzoox, Interphase, JNI,
and Qlogic devices. Vixel has leveraged its expertise in SAN
technology to provide the only single management platform for the
entire SAN interconnect.”

“SAN InSite is platform independent, supporting Microsoft
Windows 2000, NT 4.0, Sun Solaris, Linux and Hewlett Packard
Web-enabled, SAN InSite 2000 provides remote management
of SAN devices anytime, anywhere. IT managers are now capable of
24×7 proactive management and monitoring of the SAN’s health,
facilitating SAN adoption.”

Press Release