BW: Vovida Networks Continues to Drive Open Source Telephony… with Free VoIP Protocol Stacks…

” ‘We believe that the most effective way to promote the
aggregate growth of the Voice over IP industry is to provide all of
the core foundation protocols royalty and license free to both
developers and companies alike,’ stated Alan Knitowski, President,
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Vovida Networks(TM). With
this philosophy firmly in place, open source implementations of
MGCP, RTP, SIP and H.323 Annex-F stacks have all been introduced
and are freely downloadable from the Vovida Networks website.”

” ‘Global response to our free product offering has been
staggering. So far, there have already been more than 11,500
downloads of the protocols since they were first made available
eight months ago,” Knitowski continued. ‘Additionally, both
developers and companies have actively contributed to enhancing the
software through porting, interoperability testing and new code
submissions for added usability and functionality across a number
of operating systems and hardware platforms.’ “

“Vovida Networks provides continuing enhancements to the MGCP,
RTP, SIP and H.323 Annex-F stacks on a regular basis. While
originally developed on Linux(TM), the stacks are easily portable
to Windows(TM), Solaris(TM), IRIX(TM) and other UNIX-like operating
, with current versions of Vovida’s MGCP and RTP stacks
compilable on both Linux(TM) and VxWorks(TM).”

Press Release