BW: Web-based 3D CAD Interoperability Solution Extended to the Corporate Enterprise

“Spatial Inc. (AMEX:STY), the world’s leading developer of
web-based business-to-business (B2B) CAx interoperability
solutions, and open component 3D modeling technology, today
announced 3DShare Enterprise (3DS-e), its Intranet-based, CAD file
translation and repair solution designed to improve CAx
interoperability in manufacturing organizations using a web browser
interface. Companies using a variety of CAD/CAM/CAE systems to
manufacture their products can now translate and improve model
quality using their standard web browser, while ensuring absolute
confidentiality of proprietary design data behind a corporate
firewall. This secure and easy-to-use solution aimed at effectively
sharing 3D model data allows companies to quickly optimize data
usage throughout the digital manufacturing supply chain.”

“3Dshare Enterprise works exactly as 3DShare.com does by
allowing users to upload CAD/CAM/CAE solid models for translation
and repair. 3Dshare Enterprise automatically translates and repairs
3D CAD model data in CATIA(R), IGES, Pro/ENGINEER(R), SAT and STEP
formats permitting easy distribution throughout the digital
manufacturing supply chain. ‘Using proprietary technology from
Spatial Inc., the 3Dshare.com web-site version has seen incredible
growth and development in the past 3 months and is being used by
thousands of members from more than 90 countries. The rate we’ve
added additional file formats, greater speed and productivity for
engineers and designers has been remarkable. That rate of growth is
set to continue, and all interface, core technology and feature
improvements from the public site will be rapidly passed onto the
Enterprise version as regular product updates.’ Said Mike Hansen,
Executive Site Producer, PlanetCAD Division, Spatial Inc.”

“3Dshare Enterprise is designed to be run on one computer system
and scale to multiple networked computers as a customers’ needs
grows. 3Dshare Enterprise is currently being deployed on Intel
Pentium III class workstations running either RedHat Linux 6.1 or
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0. As a customer’s demand for throughput
increases, additional web servers and healing servers can easily be
brought on-line.
The modular architecture also allows
customers to update their intranet installation of 3Dshare
Enterprise rapidly as new versions of 3Dshare.com become available,
giving them the full benefit of an Internet ASP while minimizing
their risk.”

Press Release