BW: White Pine Linux Platform Solution Enables ISPs And ASPs To Extend…Services to Customers

“White Pine Software, Inc…a leading provider of multimedia
conferencing applications for the Internet and intranets, today
announced availability for its MeetingPoint(TM) conference server
for the Linux(TM) operating system in December of this year.
MeetingPoint is the industry’s leading software for multipoint
IP-based conferencing. White Pine became the first multimedia IP
conferencing vendor to support the Linux operating system when it
joined as a Developer Partner with Red Hat
(R), Inc…the
market leading Linux developer and service provider, in June of
this year. The Linux solution for MeetingPoint has been
specifically designed to meet the needs of Internet Service
Providers (ISPs), Applications Service Providers (ASPs) and other
carriers that have standardized on Linux as the platform of choice
for delivering a host of value-added communications, conferencing
and collaboration services to their customers.”

“The final stage of testing for the Linux version of the
MeetingPoint server is being conducted in the real-world
environment of White Pine’s CU-SeeMe World website. CU-SeeMe World
(http://www.cuseemeworld.com) is White Pine’s branded web
communications portal and destination site for videochat and other
Internet-based visual communications services. CU-SeeMe World,
which currently has over 70,000 members, uses a bank of
MeetingPoint servers to host a variety of topic-based forums for
public videochat. MeetingPoint for Linux will be deployed next week
throughout the network that hosts CU-SeeMe World and provide stress
testing for the product in a high-demand, 24/7 Internet

Press Release

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