BW: YARC Releases 6 Color ICC RIP

“YARC Systems Corporation (OTCBB:YARC) today announced the
release of version 1.50 of its Postscript 3 Raster Image Processor
software. This release implements full 6 color ICC capability.”

“Inkjet printers have traditionally printed onto paper using
inks of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, the 4 color system. Newer
inkjet printers have two additional ink cartridges, which may be
used either for color systems using Orange and Green Inks or Light
Cyan and Light Magenta Inks….”

YARC has developed proprietary LINUX software that
integrates Printing technologies with the Internet and Internet
YARC’s proprietary version of Adobe Systems’
“PostScript” Printer Description Language (PDL) is used to transfer
images from a computer, over a network such as the Internet, to a
printing engine.”

Press Release