Byte.com: Six Hours With A World-Class Kernel Hacker [Andrea Arcangeli]

[ Thanks to Antti
for this link. ]

“The following few thousand words could loosely be defined
as a transcript of an interview with world-famous kernel hacker
Andrea Arcangeli.
The interview took place in his home in
Imola/Italy on January 12th, 2000.”

“… There was not a single book in his lab… Andrea is a 24
years old kernel wizard, on the payroll of Linux-distributor

“… Andrea is different than the standard cliché of an
honest-to-God kernel hacker. He does have a girlfriend and also
cares a lot about other things, too. In his own words, if he
wouldn’t happen to make money from writing tomorrow’s Linux
kernels, he could just as well be playing guitar from morning to
evening. Andrea lives with his parents…”