C++ Snippets on Linux: Vectors vs. Arrays As a Better Way to Store Data

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“You may have read and enjoyed my recent article “C++
Snippets: Converting Hexidecimal Values to Decimal Values.” In that
article, I briefly discussed a secret project that I have
undertaken that will eventually result in my first GUI application
for GNU/Linux, Windows, and perhaps even MacOS. At that time, I
said that I could not reveal the exact nature of the program. I
still cannot reveal the exact nature of the program, but I am
releasing more of the source code under the GNU GPL license version
3. If you look at this code, run and compile it, you may glean a
few more hints as to what kind of program I am actually aiming to
write. in this article, I will reveal a few more details as to how
I came up with this program idea. I suspect that programmers tend
to write programs with two considerations in mind: * 1. What
software do I need to do the things that I want to do? * 2. What
software do others need to do the things that they want to do?
Vectors Versus Arrays”

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