Can Debian offer a Constantly Usable Testing distribution?

[ Thanks to Guillermo Garron for this
link. ]

“Debian’s “testing” distribution is where Debian
developers prepare the next stable distribution. While this is
still its main purpose, many users have adopted this version of
Debian because it offers them a good trade-off between stability
and freshness. But there are downsides to using this distribution
and the “Constantly Usable Testing” (CUT) project aims to resolve
those. This article will present the project and the challenges
involved to make it happen.

“About Debian unstable & testing

“Debian unstable is the distribution where developers upload new
versions of their packages. It happens frequently that some
packages are not installable due to changes in other packages or
due to transitions not yet completed.

“Debian testing, on the contrary, is managed by a tool that
ensures the consistency of the whole distribution: it picks updates
from unstable only if the package has been enough tested (10 days
usually), if it’s free of new release-critical bugs, if it’s
available on all supported architectures, and if it doesn’t break
any other package already present in testing. The Release Team (RT)
controls this tool and provide “hints” to help it find a set of
packages that can flow from unstable to testing.”

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