Canada Computes: Powerplant: Piles of Open Source on a silver platter

“First you have to finding the software. The Google search
engine can help, but it’s still a chore. You can find a piece here
and a piece there but, for the most part, it can be very tedious to
find what you’re looking for. Even a high speed connection doesn’t
help much if you can’t find what you want.”

Enter The Kompany and a terriffic CD collection of
development tools, libraries and other goodies. The collection
comes with four, count ’em, four CD’s (well over 80 hours of
downloading at 56 kbps).

“One contains source code, one contains RPM (Redhat Package
Manager) files and another contains Debian packages for those of
you who use Debian based distributions such as Storm and Corel.
Also included is the full version of Eric’s Ultimate Solitaire from
Loki, a nice little solitaire game, but the recently reviewed Pysol
offers more.”