canada.internet.com: TUCOWS.com Acquires Linux Weekly News

By Paul Nicholls, canada.internet.com

TUCOWS.com Inc., a
distributor of digital content, announced this week that it has
acquired Linux Weekly News.

Linux Weekly News is an online resource and authority for news
and information about LINUX products, distributions, and

Editorial content includes a comprehensive weekly summary of
industry news and events, a Linux stocks page, a book reviews page,
and an extensive list of Linux distributions available on the

It will be integrated into TUCOWS.com’s existing editorial
section, which also includes articles from other leading technology

The acquisition firmly positions TUCOWS.com as a major industry
resource and authority for Linux content to the open-source

“Linux Weekly News will further enhance TUCOWS.com’s leadership
position in the open source market,” said Elliot Noss, TUCOWS.com
chief executive officer.

“The acquisition adds a critical layer to our commitment to be
the open-source marketplace and resource for Linux.”

The TUCOWS site already has over 100 million page views per
month, with more than 800 network partners in over 90 countries
hosting its software libraries.

It also lays claim to being the largest independent software
distribution network in the world, with nearly 40,000 applications