CCN: ASTAware’s Java-Based Solutions Provide Immediate Support…

“ASTAware Technologies INC. (‘ASTAware’ / the ‘Company’) is
pleased to announce that Duke Communications International, a
Colorado-based corporation and publisher of 7 major computer and
business magazines including ‘Business Finance’ and ‘Windows 2000
Magazine’ has licensed the use of ASTAware SearchDisc in its
current publication of ‘Article Archive CD’.”

“Well before Windows 2000 was released and the stability of that
operating system was accepted by the marketplace, Duke was
lookingfor a solution that would allow them to electronically
publish their content, integrated with a sophisticated, robust
search engine, and to have their publications run on every
platform, including Windows 2000. ASTAware’s Java-based SearchDisc
technology ensured that the time to market for Duke’s publication
would not be delayed simply because of Microsoft’s upgrade
strategy. The platform independence of ASTAware’s technology is
derived from its deployment of the Java Virtual Machine, thereby
permitting all applications relying on ASTAware’s core
functionality to run on every platform, including Linux, Unix,
Macintosh and Windows.”

“ASTAware is a leading developer of index, search and retrieval
software with a suite of Java-based API, website, intranet and
CD-ROM products. ASTAware’s current licensees include Hewlett
Packard, IBM, Lockheed Martin Tactical Systems (UK), Qualcomm,
Siemens Telecom Networks, Silicon Graphics, Sun Microsystems and
Transport Canada and the Company presently provides Information
Management Solutions including database conversion and archiving to
Ontario Hydro and Rogers Media, to name but a few.”

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