CCN: Corel Begins Beta-Testing of Corel(r) LINUX(r)

“Corel Corporation…is pleased to announce that it has entered
the beta-testing phase for its desktop versionof the Linux
operating system, Corel(r) LINUX(r).”

“For the beta-testing phase, Corel has recruited a sampling of
the intended audience who will test Corel LINUX and provide
feedback regarding their experience. This feedback may result in
modifications to the product prior to the first public
distribution, planned for the end of the year. Corel LINUX is
based on the Debian/GNU distribution of the Linux OS and includes
the K Desktop Environment (KDE). In its distribution, Corel has
enhanced the graphical user interface (GUI) and created a new
installation program that is much simpler than existing desktop PC
operating systems.

“It gives us great pleasure to announce that we’ve reached this
important milestone in the development of Corel LINUX,” said Dr.
Michael Cowpland, president and chief executive officer of Corel
Corporation. “We’re proud to again demonstrate our commitment to
the Linux community by meeting the second of our targeted
deadlines. After previewing Corel LINUX in August as planned, the
beta-testing phase of Corel LINUX means that Linux is closer to the
mainstream community than it’s ever been before.”

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