CCN: Corel is Delivering on its Promises

“Corel Corporation’s… Annual and Special Meeting of
Shareholders, to be held today, willgive company officials and
shareholders a chance to celebrate its accomplishments over the
past year and look forward to another exciting year for the

“Corel is delivering on the promises it made to shareholders at
last year’s meeting, including bringing Linux to the desktop by
launching its much-anticipated Corel LINUX OS. It also
simultaneously released new versions of its flagship software
applications, WordPerfect and CorelDRAW.”

“Using open technologies such as Linux, CORBA and XML
including WAP and SVG, Corel will bridge the gap between closed,
proprietary systems and a new world where greater openness,
innovation and customization will be the norm.
Long a
supporter of open standards and platform agnostic solutions, Corel
recognizes the exciting opportunities presented by the Internet and
looks forward to providing customers with the applications they
need to fully embrace the power of the Web.”

Press release