CCN: Sony…announced…software development tools…to support content creation for…PlayStation2

“The PlayStation2 development tools offer several significant
improvements over the development environment for the original
PlayStation. The original PlayStation tools were supplied in the
form of a PC extension board that required a PC or workstation.
Connecting the PC or workstation to a network added further
complexity to the development process. In contrast, the
PlayStation2 development tools combine two separate operational
modes in one unit: regular PlayStation programming/debugging mode
and a new workstation mode. In the new mode, the tools can be
used as a Linux-based workstation enabling developers to create
graphics in the PlayStation2 development environment that were only
previously possible on a separate workstation.
When the
development tools are employed with an Ethernet network connection,
the result is a seamless development environment.”

“Sony Computer Entertainment will continue to refine this new
development tool concept with a view to providing a content
creation environment that combines movie and game creation for a
new form of computer entertainment.”

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