Chris Debenham On Lyricue: Technology Should Support, Not Control, Worship Services

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When and why was Lyricue started?
It was started back in august of 2001 and had it’s first release in
September that year. At the time it was known as LDS but we renamed
it to Lyricue in 2004.

“I started it because we had access to a projector at church and
I wanted to play with it 🙂 At the time I had a look around and
couldn’t find anything suitable so we used Openoffice.org for a
while, but I wanted something a bit more suited to how our worship
leaders ran things. They kept jumping around in songs, changing
songs halfway through the service and stuff like that. As such
Openoffice.org got too cumbersome and so I started to write Lyricue
to fit church usage specifically…”

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