Closed or Open Source: Which CMS is Right for Your Business?

“Open source means there are a lot of people working on the
software. Plenty of individuals are making sure the code is solid
and that the software is easy to use. Documentation is usually easy
to find, and there are plenty of people out there writing
“how-tos,” which make design and development easier and even fun.
You can count on regular updates that are continually improving the
product. Open source systems let you see what makes the software
tick, and you can often change it to suit your needs. Use this to
your advantage when it comes to differentiating yourself from the
rest of the pack.

“However, because of the popularity of open source systems, many
people are familiar with open source code, which creates a higher
risk for hacking. If you choose to design in an open source system,
your development team is going to need to put time and work into
preventing third-party tampering. This difficulty will scale based
on many factors such as how many people need to have access to
sensitive areas of the site (like the admin panel).”