CMP Net: Apple Open Source License Draws Criticism

“Major high-tech players may be adopting open source business
models, but the open source community has been slow to embrace
these corporations.”

“Apple Computer is learning this lesson as its new open source
initiative has sparked a wave of debate throughout the community.
The company announced last week that it would release portions of
its new Mac OS X Server as open source. Developers who want to use
the source must sign the Apple Public Source License, or APSL,
which outlines the rights and duties they have when using the

“Both Eric Raymond, a vocal open source evangelists and founder
of the Open Source Initiative, and Chip Salzenberg, an OSI board
member, gave the APSL their blessing.”

“However, three other noted open source luminaries have now
weighed in with several concerns that are outlined in a document
titled The Apple Public Source License-Our Concerns.”


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