CNET: Corel gets Linux help

“Software tool developer Cygnus Solutions has pulled in another
win by hitching itself to the rising Linux star, inking a deal to
help Corel move its software to the Unix-like operating system.

“In an effort to compete with rival Microsoft, Corel has been
backing Linux for several months, most notably with a version of
its WordPerfect word processor and promises of future editions of
all its other office applications, including spreadsheets,
databases, and illustration software. But translating all that
software to Linux is a monumental task. “

“Enter Cygnus, a company that makes its living by writing the
software tools necessary to let programmers write software for new
chips. Cygnus most recently benefited from Linux’s ascendancy with
funding from Intel to help Linux benefit from the new instructions
in Pentium MMX and Pentium III chips.”