CNET News.com: Another high-level Linuxcare exec departs

“Linuxcare has lost its second senior executive in two weeks,
another serious roadblock to the company’s delayed initial public
offering plans.”

Chief information officer Doug Nassaur, 33, resigned
yesterday from Linuxcare, a provider of Linux consulting services
and technical support, less than two weeks after former chief
executive Fernand Sarrat, 49, departed under mysterious

“In an interview today, Pat Lambs, head of Linuxcare’s office of
the CEO, said the two resignations were completely unrelated.”

“Sources familiar with the management changes, however, said the
departures were linked by a common cause: a three-way disagreement
among the company’s top managers. The company founders disagreed
with Nassaur over the software used to run the Linuxcare operation,
and both the founders and Nassaur disagreed with Sarrat, sources

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