CNET News.com: Apple releases streaming software that runs on Windows

“Today at Internet World in Los Angeles, the Cupertino,
Calif.-based company released version 1.0 of its Darwin server
project to software developers.
The year-old collaborative
effort between Apple and independent programmers is Apple’s
attempt to capitalize on the runaway success of the Linux operating
system while expanding its influence in multimedia streaming

“Darwin is meant to popularize portions of the upcoming
Macintosh operating system, called Mac OS X. Under the open-source
model, anyone can gain access to the original programming
instructions and tweak the software to suit particular purposes.
Apple is saying such development will make its product more
attractive to customers.”

“One immediate outcome: For the first time,
Windows-based servers can stream multimedia content using
Apple’s QuickTime.
Previously, PCs used QuickTime software
only on desktop systems, to play back and edit multimedia

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