CNET News.com: Brown students create massive Tetris game on building

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“It’s probably the largest Linux installation in the

“Last Friday night, a group of Brown University undergraduates
unveiled La Bastille, a 14-story-tall version of the famously
addictive video game Tetris displayed on the side of the Sciences
Library. The game–in which a player tries to fit shapes snugly
together as they drop down the screen–runs on a Linux computer
connected to a network of 10,000 light bulbs, according to project
architect Soren Spies.”

“Linux, a clone of the Unix operating system originally created
by Linus Torvalds when he still was in college, is popular in
educational institutions because its source code may be scrutinized
and modified by experimenters. The Brown students chose it because
of a free piece of Linux software that makes it comparatively easy
to control nonstandard electronic equipment such as arrays of
Christmas tree lights, Spies said.”

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