CNET News.com: Corel pushes Linux for graphics tasks

Corel is pushing hard to make Linux a more appealing
environment for graphics designers.

“The company announced today that its CorelDraw and PhotoPaint
graphics design software will be released by the end of June–two
months earlier than expected. This and the company’s acquisition of
Painter and Kai’s Power Tools software from MetaCreations yesterday
raises the possibility that more Linux graphics software could be
on the way….”

“But Corel recognizes the Linux graphics market isn’t mature.
“At this stage in the game, it’s more of the graphics environment
itself that Corel’s looking to improve,” a spokeswoman said. For
example, Corel is working to get software to make sure scanners,
printers and other peripherals work. “After that, the market will
come,” she said.”

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