CNET News.com: Corel to offer free Linux image editor

“The Linux version of Photo-Paint 9 will be available in early
summer, the company said, and other software in the Corel Graphics
Suite will ship in late summer. In addition, the company has begun
beta testing its WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux suite, a $109
package that will include a word processor, personal database,
spreadsheet, presentation program and copy of Corel’s version of
the Linux operating system itself.”

“Mainstream software such as that from Corel is one of the key
features required to transform Linux into a desktop operating
system that mere mortals would be interested in using. Linux
currently is popular in servers and among more technically savvy

“Corel is banking that Linux will become a popular desktop
operating system, an ambitious strategy aimed directly at
Microsoft. On the Linux side, the competition also includes Sun
Microsystems and Applix, which both already ship Linux office

“But Corel has a lead when it comes to graphics software for
Linux. The biggest competitor is the Gimp, an open-source
program that’s distributed along with several versions of Linux. On
the horizon, though, is software from graphics powerhouse Adobe,
which has begun translating some of its software for

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