CNET News.com: IBM serves up Unix, new image

“With new servers and a richly funded promotional and
development effort, IBM’s goal is to overtake competitors Sun
Microsystems and Hewlett-Packard to become the top seller of Unix

“Though it’s been successful in associating its name with
e-commerce, IBM has a ways to go to catch up to Sun Microsystems,
the company that has most successfully associated its name with the
Internet, according to many analysts.”

“IBM debuted two new machines today, one at the high end of the
line and one at the low end. The top-end S80, code-named the
‘Condor,’ is aimed at jobs where hundreds or thousands of users tie
into the server and perform lots of transactions.

The low-end B50, code-named ‘Pizzazz,’ is designed to be sold in
large quantities to Internet companies that need to pack as many
basic servers into as few square feet as possible. That system will
be priced starting at $4,000 and will include a garden-variety
PowerPC processor once found in Apple desktop computers.”

“Yellow Dog Linux runs on the new IBM servers, the Linux seller