CNET News.com: Informix takes different road to the Net

“Following the footsteps of archrival Oracle, Informix tomorrow
will begin selling an Internet-focused database for deploying
Web-based applications. The new database, called the Informix
Internet Foundation.2000, offers many of the same features as the
Web-centric Oracle 8i database released four months ago.”

“Despite similarities with Oracle 8i, Informix said its new
entry is part of the company’s goal of setting itself apart from
its competitors. While Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft have added new
features to their monolithic databases, Informix earlier this year
decided to slice its database into two: one aimed at the Internet
and the other for data warehousing…”

“The new database… supports Microsoft’s COM
programming model and offers connectors to enterprise resource
planning and other databases. It runs on Unix, Windows NT, and
Linux operating systems.”