CNET News.com: Linux firm CyberNet planning IPO

“CyberNet Systems, a developer of Linux server software, hopes
to be one of the next companies to benefit from the Linux surge on
Wall Street when it goes public early this year.”

“CyberNet next month plans to file with the Securities and
Exchange Commission for an initial public offering, president Chuck
Jacobus said. The IPO itself is scheduled roughly for the end of

CyberNet, based in Ann Arbor, Mich., sells packages of
software that turn an inexpensive Intel-based PC into a server that
can deliver Web pages to browsers across the Internet, store and
print files on a company’s internal network or be used as a
protective “firewall” to keep out network intruders
, the
company said. The software comes with Red Hat’s Linux, which may be
freely distributed by other companies.”

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