CNET News.com: Linux kernel release falls behind schedule

“The new Linux kernel, version 2.4, likely will be released in
August or September, said Linus Torvalds, founder and leader of the
Linux movement. Torvalds initially had hoped 2.4 would be released
in 1999, but in February he amended his prediction to July, 18
months after the current 2.2 kernel was released.”

“However, Alan Cox, the second in command of Linux, still hopes
for a July release. Although he said in an interview today that he
was unhappy with the delay, he added that “I’d rather be frustrated
by the delay than have users frustrated by unreliable code….”

There are few hard-and-fast deadlines in the loosely
organized programming community that collectively develops Linux,
the now established alternative to Windows and Unix. But with many
companies relying on Linux and more serious competition, Linux
developers now carry a much heavier responsibility.

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