CNET News.com: Microsoft now faces slew of civil lawsuits

“While Microsoft prepares for the final stages of its
landmark antitrust trial, lawyers are readying the first stages of
about 115 civil lawsuits that could expose the software giant to
more than $7 billion in damages
, according to some legal

“The reason the suits may become active again is that Jackson
has said he wants to see the penalty phase of the trial completed
within 60 days. If Jackson issues a final ruling on penalties,
private lawyers will be able to use the trial record and Jackson’s
findings as evidence in their lawsuits, according to legal

“Aside from private suits, companies Jackson cited as wronged by
Microsoft’s business practices–such as Sun Microsystems–are also
considering their own lawsuits. … These corporate suits could be
even more damaging to Microsoft than the private cases, at least in
terms of monetary awards, according to the laywers filing them and
coordinating the actions.”