CNET News.com/Reuters: IBM to rally around Linux for future computers

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“IBM today will announce new steps to make Linux a centerpiece
of its computer hardware strategy, in what amounts to the biggest
embrace of the alternative operating system by a major computer
maker to date.”

“Sam Palmisano, head of the IBM Server Group, said in an
interview on Friday that he was committed to making all of IBM’s
major computer product lines Linux-ready, combining fragmented
efforts IBM had made in this direction last year….”

“In the coming weeks, Palmisano said he also plans to set up a
new dedicated sales force within the server group to unify and push
forward the marketing of its Unix and Linux products.IBM also
is donating key programming code developed for its mainstay
computer systems to the open-source software development community
in order to boost the reliability of Linux for running business
, Wladawsky-Berger said in an interview on

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